Sea Island Presbyterian Day School is a half -day preschool program that is in session from August to May.  Our school day runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or 1:00pm depending on the day.

Our Half-Day Preschool Classes

Young Two's half-day preschool classes

Young Two’s

To register for the Young 2’s class, children must be 16 months old by September 1st. This class meets two or three days per week (Tuesday/Thursday) or (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) and has a 9:2 student-teacher ratio.

Two-Year-Olds half-day preschool classes


Children who will be two by September 1st may register for the two, three or five morning two-year-old class. Classes have a 12:2 student-teacher ratio.

Three-Year-Olds half-day preschool classes


Children who will be three by September 1st may register for two, three or five morning classes. The classes have a 12:2 student-teacher ratio. Three-year-olds need to be potty-trained or working towards it.

PreK half-day preschool classes


Children who will be four by September 1st may register for the five morning Pre-K class. The classes have a 16:2 student-teacher ratio. Pre-K students must be potty-trained.

Our Staff

The staff at Sea Island Presbyterian Day School have experience and/or degrees in early childhood education. A Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher are assigned to each room. Teachers participate in a variety of workshops, conferences, and seminars as professional development throughout the year. Teachers are available to discuss a child’s progress with parents on an as needed basis. A phone conference will take place within the first three weeks of school. Specific discussions take place during Parent/Teacher conferences which are scheduled in January each year.

Class Assignments

In creating class groupings, consideration is given to boy/girl ratio and the age ranges which make up the group. Sea Island Presbyterian Day School does not honor teacher requests. The Day School will work with the parents of twins / triplets to determine the best placement.